Gossip Magazines sometimes tell stories about men who made dreams and deeds come true, characterising them with legendary tones, as to remark the greatness of their achievements. This is not his case, or at least, not totally.

This is the story of a dreamer who, with obstinacy and stubbornness, is achieving a small deed: bringing his land out of its confines through his kitchen, his behaviour and his unique and contradictory Sicilian personality.

He is Paolo Gatto, born in one of the most fascinating lands of the word, Sicily and specifically in Taormina, where the sky and the ground meet among the hills and the jasmine perfume pervades the town’s alleys.

Paolo is a chef, but he is also a traveler, a true lover of taste.  He is curious and it was maybe his curiosity the one who pushed him to go living in such a faraway country but still much tied up to his destiny.

Nonno Paolo, his name was Paolo too, lived for 26 years in Queensland, before going back forever in Sicily in the 70’s.

The two of them took diametrically opposite choices: one decided to go back to Sicily, the other one to come back to Australia. It was here, in fact, that he could find some rich soil to nourish his dreams of glory.

He worked hard, doing even three jobs a day before being able to put enough funds aside to open his first restaurant, Gatto Matto.

Since then, he slowly got the well-deserved satisfactions of his incessant effort in the kitchen: the restaurant became well known locally, nationally and internationally thanks to various rewards, all the way up to the one Paolo was the proudest of, the ”GOOD FOOD GUIDE” one, where his restaurant was placed into the category of “best restaurants of NSW” with a very good score of 13.50.

As you can imagine, once reached his goal and smashed it, he was already thinking to the next obstacle to overcome, to the next destination to conquer.

Riding the minimalistic trend that is drawing us, Paolo came up with the idea to open an “Eating Place” where to bring to Sydney the Italian street food, particularly the one from the South (SUD) of Italy.

He started collecting his childhood memories of country festivals, traditions handed down from the Nonnas and eating healthy. Here you go. SUD is born (which in English means south) to underline his origin and his deep Southern Italian culture.

The place is chilled, rustic, with a slightly modern touch with lights and decors that shall not distract the costumer, a costumer is there for the genuine Southern food, to enjoy the familiar and cozy environment.

Among the bestsellers, the Arancini, the trofie al sugo (trofie with tomato paste) and the must-try pizza made by Paolo’s brother and business partner, Ezio Gatto.

In this adventure, indeed, Paolo has the precious support if his family: his wife Rita, his brother Ezio and his sister Tania, each one with a specific task in this authentic Italian restaurant.

This said, we still think the big one will always be him.

The dream catalyst,

Paolo Gatto…